VAT Registration/Return


VAT returns can be tiresome but are an essential administrative task to most businesses. Made on a quarterly basis, VAT returns require accurate record keeping and a considerable amount of time. At Kay Plus we take care of your VAT returns and relieve the stress associated with the quarter end. If you prefer to make the return yourself we can provide you with the accounting reports necessary for a correct submission.

How VAT Works

All the VAT invoices a business makes to customers within the period of the return are totalled to calculate the output tax. The VAT charged by the suppliers of a business is totalled to calculate the input tax. These two amounts are off-set against each other and the remainder is either paid by the business to HMRC or is claimed as a repayment.

VAT Input Tax Restrictions

It should be noted that there are a number of restrictions on input tax claims. Kay Plus is fully aware of all VAT restrictions and tax allowances. This knowledge enables us to advise you on the correct VAT practice procedures.

Yet To Register – We Can Help You Get It Right

If you are yet to register for VAT then Kay Plus can assist you in VAT registration. We will advise you of how to complete the VAT registration forms correctly and provide you with valuable advice concerning all VAT legal formalities

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