Kay Plus Accountancy Services


Kay Plus Accountancy Services provides high level part-time book keeping and financial administration services for businesses throughout the UK. We also work with organizations globally via our virtual bookkeeping service.

Highly Skilled and Experienced

The strength and distinctive advantage of our financial administration services rests in our skilled team of experts. Our highly educated and extensively trained team have solid financial services experience. We provide our staff with continuous training to ensure their knowledge of the financial world remains current and of the highest pedigree.

Flexible Working in a Versatile World

At Kay Plus we offer our services both remotely and on-site at your place of work. Our hybrid business model brings together an expert team of bookkeepers to form both an on-the-ground and virtual presence. Given that the world’s boundaries are becoming increasingly seamless, we believe and have proven that effective bookkeeping no longer requires an excessive on-the-ground presence. We therefore give our clients the opportunity to choose how they wish to work, whether it is on site, off site or a mixture of the two.

Ethical Working Values

We firmly believe in treating all of our clients equally. No matter the size of your organisation we make all aspects of our work a priority. At Kay Plus we believe that competence, integrity, honesty, focus and outstanding service are vital factors when working with our clients. Our innovative administrative solutions ensure our services translate to successful and accurate bookkeeping. We are committed to providing exceptional value to our clients and continue to be a leading provider of professional administrative support.

Competitively Priced But Quality Driven

We pride ourselves on being among the most competitively priced bookkeeping and financial administration services in the market. However, we never compromise quality or cut corners to achieve better pricing. Our standards remain high and our work ethic diligent.

Client Focused

All Kay Plus experts are trained in customer service disciplines. We ensure our staffs are polite, courteous and respectful when interacting with clients on or off-site. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this means delivering accurate flawless work, on deadline and on budget.

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