Legal Bookkeeping/Billing services


Outsourcing your bookkeeping and billing offers a range of benefits. Not only does outsourcing free up more time to provide an increase in billable hours, but also controls capital costs, increases efficiency and reduces labour costs. Competitive Pricing for Law Firms and LLPs

At Kay Plus we provide high quality bookkeeping and billing services to a number of high profile law firms and LLPs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer competitive rates without compromising on excellence. We help you organise your finances effectively and subsequently increase your profit margins.

Flexible Expertise

We offer both an on-site and off-site service allowing our clients a flexible working relationship. Our team of accounting experts have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the major accounting packages available.

Our experts specialise in the following accounting packages:

• Alpha Law Vantage

• Alpha Law Esprit




we are specialists in reconciling client and office account statements in line with SRA requirements. We can also assist in the preparation of your year end audit. Whatever the bookkeeping or billing requirements of your business we tailor a solution to suit your needs. Let Kay Plus do the administrative work so you can accumulate more billable hours.

Legal Billing

At Kay Plus we appreciate how precious your time is. We understand that your time would be better spent working on legal cases than sitting at your desk billing clients. We provide legal billing across a range of working disciplines, these include:

1) CDS billing: Magistrates and Police station.

2) Crown Court billing.

3) Private Criminal Billing

4) Billing services for private criminal and civil cases.

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