Payroll and PAYE Returns


“An Employee paid correctly and on time is more likely to work harder and stay with the company longer”.

Employees are a responsibility, and when you employ staff they become your responsibility. One compulsory discipline for every business is to pay employees on time and to pay them correctly. Abuse of this obligation can result in fines and in extreme cases tribunals.

With Payroll Comes Great Responsibility

Operating a payroll demands accuracy and punctuality and is without exception time-consuming. Whilst it may come as an annoyance at the end of every month which detracts from other key business responsibilities, it is the sole reason your employees turn up in the morning. Payroll is an essential aspect of keeping employees happy. Payroll responsibilities don’t just stop at salary, there are P45s and P60s to organise and a year end P35 form to submit to the Inland Revenue, not to mention helping employees understand the information detailed on their payslips.

Outsourcing Payroll and PAYE Makes Financial Sense

Payroll can be burdensome, and payroll back-office staff can cause a dent in your profit margin. Outsourcing Payroll and PAYE Returns has grown in popularity in the last few years due to its cost effective and efficient nature. Kay Plus provides expert services to alleviate the stress associated with payroll and allow you to continue with your core business activities.

Kay Plus Payroll and PAYE Services

Our payroll services include the following:

• Pay slips for employees

• Month end payroll summaries

• Departmental reports and analyses

• Payroll liaison with new employees and those leaving the company

• Preparing the year end payroll return for submission to the Inland Revenue (P35)

• Preparing P60s and P14s

• P11D and P9D benefit and expenses return

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